Internet to PSN Gateway

Secure data exchange between Internet and PSN

Memset’s revolutionary Internet to PSN Gateway enables flexible and secure government data exchange between Internet and PSN-Connected Infrastructure.

Bandwidth Mbps Changes Connections/s Total Connections
10 10 5 2000
50 15 25 3000
100 20 50 4000
250 25 125 5000
400 30 200 6000
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Service Architecture

Features & Benefits


Create citizen-facing services while maintaining data security. Memset’s accredited Internet to PSN Gateway provides a secure way to transfer complex traffic between Internet and PSN-connected hosted infrastructure.


Designed to provide affordable secure layer 1-3 communication whilst minimising compliance obstacles to agile or rich interaction. Allows purchasing organisations to take advantage of modern DevOps business processes and cost/performance optimal solution architectures.


The Internet to PSN Gateway has been accredited by the PSNA so only requires a minimal ITHC by the customer themselves architecturally saving a lot of time and resource.

Cost Effective

The solution enables customers to minimise the number of servers and infrastructure required within a PSN environment, saving money and decreasing the complexity of project implementation.

Memset Government Community Cloud

All customers require servers within our Government Cloud IaaS (powered by OpenStack) to utilise Memset’s Internet to PSN gateway. Our UK-owned and UK-operated public cloud platform provides Government customers with access to flexible, cost-effective, highly-secure and scalable IaaS virtual machines. Customers have the added assurance of using a Community Cloud; a data zone dedicated solely to Government customers.

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MOJ Deploy Memset's Internet to PSN Gateway

By partnering with Memset, a major system integrator was able to make use of the Internet to PSN Gateway to enable agile, cost-effective and high-bandwidth interaction between infrastructure deployed in the Corporate (Internet-facing) and PSN-connected zones for their end customer; a service provider related to the Ministry of Justice Community Rehabilitation Companies.

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Contact our technical sales team today for a free, no-obligation, low-stress technical sales consultation. We strive to make purchasing public sector services as simple as possible.

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Official over PSN

Our technical sales team can help with any PSN related queries you have. Contact them today for a free, no-obligation, low-stress technical sales consultation.

The PSN is the government’s high-performance network, which helps public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

We are proud to be part of the network and helping the UK government achieve their objectives. The Public Services Network (PSN) is substantially reducing the cost of communication services across UK government.

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Frequently asked questions

What is included in each package?

This is the bandwidth that the bridge will allow to transit

Defined as creation, update or deletion of a single mono-directional rule, ie. ‘incoming port -> target IP, target port’

Connections /s
This is the maximum number of new connections per second

Total Connections
This is the total number of connections supported

Do I have to buy other Memset services to use the Internet to PSN Gateway?

Yes, Memset’s Internet to PSN Gateway can only communicate directly with private internal IPs. Please browse our Government Community Cloud infrastructure options here.

How do I get technical support?

A secure online Portal will enable you to raise a support ticket for our technical support team. Standard support response times is 2 hours.

Is there a set-up charge?

Yes, there is a set-up cost of £600, which includes four hours deployment time and two conference calls of two-hour duration with the customer.

Is evidence required to allow use of the Internet to PSN Gateway?

The IT Security Health Check (ITSHC) must be done by the customer’s own SIRO. (

How long does the Internet to PSN Gateway take to set up?

Standard provisioning time is 7 working days. De-provisioning time is also 7 working days. There is no termination cost for this service. For full terms and conditions, please see here.