Managed Backups

Our Managed Backup service safeguards your business-critical data and minimise the potential for data loss


How confident are you in your current data backup process? Our managed backup service provides you with peace of mind that your data is safe.  Through our managed service we work with you to ensure that the correct data is being backed up, manage the backups and verify they are working.

Our system checks that there is some data in the backup, if there is no data then you will be alerted to this by a notification email. Should you reach your pre-paid backup quota we will alert you via email and no further data backups will be taken. This can be easily resolved by either upgrading your quota or reducing the amount of data you need to back up.

Our backup servers are all built on highly reliable Dell enterprise level hardware backed by RAID 6 disk arrays to ensure that your backedup data is stored securely and reliably

Our Managed Backups are available as an upgrade or included depending on the support level you have. 


Managed Backups for Windows with R1Soft CDP Backup Software

  • Archiving capabilities
  • High performance compression
  • Full system restore capabilities including a bare metal restore
  • A fully managed professional backup solution
  • Virtual and Dedicated Server backup/restore capability
  • Multi restore point capability

Managed Backups for Linux and cPanel servers

  • Managed Service
  • Encrypted transfer of back up data
  • Range of back up modes

What next?

Set up a free no obligation consultation with a technical expert today. Whether you require an off the shelf solution of a customised solution for more mission-critical backups, we can help you back up. 


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