Security and Monitoring Services

In addition to the comprehensive physical security measures our data centres, our internal security policies & procedures, and the security patching included with our Managed Platform Support Level, we offer a selection of additional security and monitoring services to our customers for a small fee.

Port Patrol™
Server Monitoring

Port Patrol™ is our in-house, proactive monitoring solution. We pride ourselves on often detecting and fixing a problem before our client or their users ever notice there was one in the first place.

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Perimeter Patrol™
Vulnerability Scanning

Perimeter Patrol™ security vulnerability scanning is the process of checking the server regularly for possible routes of entry for a hacker or malcontent.

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Packet Patrol™
Managed Firewall

Packet Patrol™ is our own in-house managed firewalling system. It resides on dedicated hardware and all of our traffic is routed through the firewall.

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Penetration Patrol™
Intrusion Detection

Penetration Patrol™ works to detect when a server has been accessed without permission or 'hacked into'.

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Managed Backups

First we work with you to ensure that the correct data is being backed up. Thereafter, we manage the backups.

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