Vulnerability Scanning Service

Perimeter Patrol™ is our in house security vulnerability scanning service. It works like a security guard, patrolling a building's perimeter and "rattling the latches" to ensure that nothing is left unlocked.

Security vulnerability scanning is the process of checking the server regularly for possible routes of entry for a hacker or malcontent. On a more technical level, we combine port scanning with regular vulnerability assessments of the server configuration and software in order to highlight potential areas of exploit. We perform the scans from outside our network in order to make it a "real life" test.

What Happens if a Vulnerability is Found?

Customers with Self-monitored Perimeter Patrol™ would be informed by email of any problems along with a recommended course of action. For Memset®-monitored Perimeter Patrol™ customers, we would take action to fix the vulnerability and inform you of what we had done.

About Perimeter Patrol™

Perimeter Patrol™ is our security vulnerability scanning service, which is a cost option on all servers.

It is part of our Security Patrol Suite, which also includes:

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