Managed Firewalling Security

Packet Patrol™ is our in house managed firewalling system. It resides on dedicated hardware and all of our traffic is routed through the firewall.

We also ensure that the fail-over standby equipment is ready and running in the event one of the uplink Packet Patrol™ firewalls fail.

Basic Packet Patrol™ Service

At this level we block all access to non-standard ports. The ports that are accessible include those for HTTP, SSH, SMTP, POP3 and appropriate remote-access protocols such as Remote Desktop or cPanel/WHM.

Basic firewalling is FREE for Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers. $4.00/mo for Classic Miniservers.

Self-Managed Packet Patrol™ Service

The Self-managed firewalling service is fully configurable through the Memset control panel and API.

Self-Managed firewalling is FREE for Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers. $8.50/mo for Classic Miniservers.

Memset-Managed Packet Patrol™ Service

The Memset-managed firewalling service gives you the same access to the tools in the Memset control panel. In addition, Memset can offer advice and make changes under your instruction.

We would normally discuss the requirements with you, and make & implement suggestions as to the best ports to block and which to make available. As part of the service we can also restrict access on critical ports such as SSH to specific IP ranges, for example your office and home ADSL line IPs for maximum security.

This level of firewalling is available for all Miniserver VM®s and Fully Dedicated Servers with our Managed Platform Support Level.

DoS Protection

As part of our service we provide limited protection against Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks. This is where a malcontent uses a hi-jacked server elsewhere to bombard your server with traffic in an effort to render it unresponsive to "proper" requests. Packet Patrol™ will automatically detect such activity and limit the traffic allowed through from the suspect IP address to prevent an overload.


Please refer to Memset Firewalling documentation for more information about Packet Patrol firewalling.

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