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PSN Hosting

Memset is able to provide connectivity into both the Internet, PSN (Public Services Network) Assured and PSN Protected networks.  We maintain a close relationship with the PSNA, Pan Government Accreditors and CESG and secured a PGA accreditation to host Official material over the PSN Encrypted Overlay (PSN Protected), as well as the now obsolete and expired IL2. Memset operates an ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System that provides mature, scalable and audited management of security policy, issues and continual improvement.

PSN-Protected Hosting

Memset provides PSN Protected-connected Cloud hosting solutions to the UK private and public sector. PSN Protected is the highest Official-classified pan-government WAN designed to securely connect all public sector institutions, from central government to local authorities, charities, libraries, surgeries, etc. via a single encrypted network. PSN enables the next generation of connected public systems and allows government to move away from the monolithic, highly expensive provider contracts of the past.

The compliance and accreditation process was hugely grueling, taking over a year and a half of discussions and negotiation with the Pan Government Accreditors and CESG (the public arm of GCHQ.) We believe that we are the only wholly-UK owned grass-roots SME to have successfully achieved this highest level of security accreditation.

As part of the accreditation process we have constructed our own next generation, high security data centre, complete with IL4-appropriate security controls, highly efficient cutting edge cooling systems and redundant power and networking. Such an investment in a data centre, let alone a high security facility, is almost unheard of for a small SME, but has been worth going the extra mile to provide customers with extra confidence in the security of our products.

Our protective and monitoring services (Penetration, Port and Packet Patrol) provide low-cost, approved alternatives to the expensive conventional solutions, and as part of the accreditation process have been actively recommended by the PGA as part of consumer use of our services.

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