Server Solutions

We offer a range of Dedicated Servers and managed servers, suitable for any requirement. All servers are entirely customisable, and can be a self managed server (ie. we just look after the hardware) or a fully managed server (we look after the operating system and application infrastructure layer).

Cloud VPS

We have been providing Cloud VPS to UK businesses since 2002, and continue to lead our competition with our Cloud VPS virtualisation technology.

Cloud Computing often works out much cheaper than traditional insourced hosting, thanks to our investment in massive automation, scale and huge buying power. We are currently Britain's lowest cost IaaS provider.

Unlike many others, though, we give you dedicated resources (not burstable), which means enhanced performance and security. We typically put roughly 15 Cloud VPSs on each physical host server.

Combined with cPanel/WHM a Cloud VPS gives you a fully featured Web-host-in-a-box suitable for hosting one or many low-intensity Web sites with associated services such as email. Ideal for Web designers, small Web hosts and SME's who want their own dedicated bit of the Internet.

Dedicated Server

Some Web sites or applications, perhaps due to their size (such as a photographer's image store), level of visitors (a busy forum), or load activity (an e-commerce site) are too resource-intensive to be hosted on a Cloud VPS.

For such applications we recommend a fully Dedicated Server committed to that sole task. Many of our clients start out on a Cloud VPS and then scale up to a Dedicated Server as they require, and we are quite happy to assist with that process. How to specify such a server depends on the exact requirement, and we are happy to assist you in tailoring a solution to your needs.