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Highly CommendedMemset, leading British SME supplier of cloud hosting services scooped the Highly Commended Award for Networking Infrastructure at the Computing Vendor Excellence Awards 2016 last week for their Protocol Break Bridge solution. 

Memset’s Official-to-Official Protocol Break Bridge (PBB) is designed specifically for government customers to provide a simple, high performance and easily configurable method of securely passing complex traffic between Internet and PSN-connected hosted infrastructure.

The annual Computing Vendor Excellence Awards celebrates the achievements of the technology vendors and service providers who are leading the field of enterprise IT with innovative products, services and solutions that underpin and drive success in both business and public sector organisations.

Undertaking a gruelling judging session by top IT industry CIOs and Computing’s own technology experts, Memset’s Protocol Break Bridge exceeded all the judging criteria for the Networking Infrastructure Award which included innovation, robust capability and cloud interoperability required to empower the network of the future.

Speaking about winning the highly commended award, Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset, said: “Our Protocol Break Bridge is a unique service that provides an accredited solution to a very common problem. To enable eGovernment you often need to provide limited Internet-based access to a highly-protected backend data store inside the PSN domain, such as when you submit your tax return online. The PBB enables that interconnection in a secure manner. It also allows our customers to save money by shifting less sensitive workloads out of the more expensive PSN domain.”

“The product is already being used by large SIs and central government departments and it’s exciting to have it officially recognized as a networking innovation of the future,’ concluded Craig-Wood.