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Memset, an award-winning UK cloud IaaS provider, has today announced the launch of their complementary Docker container service. Addressing the enormous popularity of Docker and the rapid deployment of applications on the open source platform, Memset’s virtual machines will now come with the latest Docker version pre-installed. 

Customers can simply click on Docker as an operating system option in Memset’s control panel when spinning up a cloud server. A special Ubuntu LTS image with the registry mirror already configured will be provided, enabling web and mobile developers to create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application.

With cloud servers starting at £3.25 per month, this is a cost-effective way for developers to spin up and try out a docker server, experiment with running some services as containers, then spin down and only pay for the time their server was live.

“This one-click install application of Docker provides many of the benefits of PaaS, but delivered on a flexible, scalable infrastructure platform, which is what Memset provides,” said Juan Martinez, Memset’s Development Manager.

Memset is working on further enabling containers to make it easier for users to build and deploy container applications.