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Memset have today announced that it will join leaders from across the industry to participate in "World IPv6 Day" on 8th June 2011. The event, which is sponsored by the Internet Society (ISOC), is designed to provide a global "test flight" of IPv6 capabilities bringing together major web providers, network operators, and ISPs to enable end-to-end IPv6 capabilities on major websites for 24 hours.

Memset who have already deployed IPv6 across their internal servers and own network, are rolling out a beta trial of their IPv6 network on 1st June.  Those signed up to the beta trial will be able to join and take part in World IPv6 Day.

Memset’s routers, web servers and applications servers have been upgraded to support end to end IPv6 connectivity.  All new full servers and Miniservers will support IPv6 out of the box and existing servers can be easily upgraded.

Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset said: “Users and applications of the Internet are rapidly growing, and IPv6 will enable Memset and our industry to continue to drive innovation.”

“As we enter this new era, our beta trial starting on 1st June will enable us to enthusiastically join with our customers, peers, partners, suppliers and competitors in working together to make this a success," continued Craig-Wood.

Ease of transition to IPv6

On 8th June, internet users shouldn’t notice any changes as to how they use and access the internet.  Small business owners however, need to check that their ISP is ready to provide IPv6 connectivity. They should also make sure that your hardware, software and network equipment are IPv6 compatible.  For Memset customers, a button on the control panel will soon appear allowing them to allocate IPv6 addresses to their servers.

No security impact

The IPv6 switch over will have absolutely no impact on security.  IPv6 has security built right into the protocol in the form of IPSEC. Very much longer addresses decrease the risk of scanning enormously too.

To find out more about "World IPv6 Day", please see: