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In today's always-on, instant world, having a slow website or application means you lose customers, productivity and money.  IT hosting company, Memset who prides itself on creating a culture of openness, has today launched a status update page to allow customers to see at a glance the service status of their entire cloud estate.

Using their own internal intelligent traffic management, Memset operations team is able to communicate effectively to their customer base, and to keep them up to date with outages and scheduled maintenance.

From Memset’s dedicated status update page customers can also log in to their control panel to dynamically scale the performance of their servers in real time so that they can continue to get the best performance they can.

Alex Coke-Smyth, Operations Manager at Memset said: “At Memset we encourage a culture of openness - so if things do go wrong customers are not left in the dark.  Our new status update page helps us to achieve this goal and enables customers to plan around scheduled maintenance and any other obstacles that may pop up every now and then.”

"We believe in being upfront! Cloud service providers that continue to not be upfront and honest are not only damaging themselves, but the widespread adoption of cloud computing," concluded Coke-Smyth.

To visit Memset’s status update page, please see: