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Guildford, Surrey – 2 July 2012 – Memset, award-winning IT hosting provider, today announced that they have started offering SSD disks in their Miniserver VMs.

Where Memset’s virtual machines have traditionally been offered with hard disk storage, previous testing of SSD disks revealed ongoing errors and limitations with capacity.  Fortunately, these limitations have been overcome and with the price per GB coming down and Intel’s SSD disks delivering zero failures, Memset has introduced SSD VM alternatives for customers.

SSD disks are much better in terms of performance, resilience and speed for storage reads and writes.

Where virtual servers have not traditionally been suitable for large database applications, with an SSD disk updates to it will take place in a fraction of the time needed for disk-based database records; there will be no disk seek and track read time latency as with traditional rotational disks.

“Historically customers with database applications have had to use dedicated servers, but the introduction of our SSD VMs means customers can use virtual machines for their entire server cluster, both front and back-ends, allowing cloud scaling for all parts of the infrastructure”, said Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset.

Memset’s SSD VMs are also available by the hour, enabling customers to provision for high disk I/O requirements on an hourly basis.

Memset’s SSD VMs are available for just 25% more than a VM with a SATA drive.  For example, Memset’s SSD VM8000 (with 4GB RAM and 40GB of SSD) is available for £49.95 per month.