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Today in Sydney, the OpenStack Public Cloud Passport programme was launched, a collaboration between OpenStack public cloud providers from around the globe, and the OpenStack Foundation. It is an initiative offering potential users free trials of OpenStack public clouds, so they can better understand the benefits it offers them, as well as finding the provider that is most suitable.

Memset are extremely proud to be a founding member of the collaboration, providing our customers and future clients with the opportunity to roam the cloud to find the right provider for them. Our free trial offers customers a fully featured 14-day experience on our Cloud IaaS platform. This provides performant compute, secure virtualised networking and efficient cloud storage, all implemented using the OpenSource, OpenStack ecosystem.

New customers can take advantage of the Memset offering, with the help of our technical team, customers will be provisioning infrastructure in no time.

“The launch of the OpenStack Passport program here in Sydney, by open cloud providers worldwide, is the first step in our shared commitment to customer service,” said the Chair of OpenStack’s Public Cloud Working Group, Tobias Rydberg: “This is just the beginning, more public cloud providers will join the program, adding customer value for more locations, languages and legalities”.

“The OpenStack Passport programme, fits perfectly with the Memset goal, commitment to service and transparency,” said Nick Craig-Wood, Technical Director at Memset. “We strive to deliver the best hosting infrastructure for our customers and believe that the customer should have the opportunity to trial the right environment for them. We are truly excited to be a founding partner of Passport programme so users can appreciate the benefits of the OpenStack ecosystem for themselves”

The other 9 found partners can be found at

Memset was founded in 2002 and its mission is to provide innovative, highly secure, reliable, environmentally conscious, open source cloud hosting services – backed by specialist UK support.