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Memset, the UK's leading virtual machine cloud provider, has today announced it has joined the OpenStack ( community.

Launched by Rackspace Hosting and NASA in July 2010, OpenStack is an open-source cloud platform designed to reinforce the emergence of technology standards and cloud interoperability.

Memset are firm believers that the future of infrastructure as a service should be an open, interoperable marketplace, where customers can move between suppliers with ease. This is part of of OpenStack's objective which is why the British company was keen to sign up to the movement.

With Europe lagging behind the US in terms of cloud services and deployments, this initiative presents a major opportunity for UK cloud providers. Memset is very keen to both be a part of the future cloud market place and help contribute to its development.

Kate Craig-Wood, Memset’s MD commented: “At present Amazon’s EC2 & S3 interface have become defacto standards, however, they are not truly open, collaborative projects. The industry needs to come together to build a set of systems and standards to fully realise the potential of cloud computing, and I believe OpenStack will fulfill that.”

Memset will contribute to OpenStack by sharing learned best practices in virtualisation and adapted open source solutions implemented to deliver their cloud solution. Memset also intends to integrate parts of the OpenStack technology into their own systems, starting with a storage solution.