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Memset the award-winning IaaS company today announced the launch of CloudClone, an easy to use and innovative application built on open source technology that enables businesses to move data stored in the cloud easily from one vendor to another.

The integrated app lets you copy any containers of your choice from one cloud storage account to another. It can do this between accounts with the same cloud vendor (e.g. for backup purposes), or can migrate your data to a competing cloud service.

Kate Craig-Wood, founder and MD of Memset said: “CloudClone has been designed to help businesses overcome the “data portability” problem that impedes cloud service adoption.  The complexities of cloud service migration mean that many customers stay with a provider that doesn’t meet their needs, but with CloudClone business cloud users can easily move data and start to tap into a variety of services.”

CloudClone currently supports the following types of cloud storage account: Memset's Memstore, Rackspace's Cloud Files, Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) and Google's Cloud Storage.

Storage clouds are currently highly segregated environments, with vendors adopting different proprietary technologies. Migration can sometimes be difficult or time-consuming due to factors like different file naming formats or folder representations, leaving businesses feeling locked-in. With CloudClone, Memset has put the power back in the hand of customers to migrate between cloud storage suppliers in order to gain advantages like better pricing or better support.

CloudClone is completely free to use and can be found here: