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iBase Systems, a provider of web-based management, monitoring and reporting software for local authorities, today announced that its Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model has enabled their performance monitoring systems to be adopted by 30% of local authorities to monitor travel behaviour and promote sustainable travel.

The company’s flagship product, Transhub, uses surveys of commuters, residents and students to monitor travel behaviour, enabling both public and private sectors to promote sustainable travel options like cycling, car sharing and use of public transport.

Envirohub is another tool from the company, which monitors street cleanliness against KPIs, and is used by local authorities and service providers across England. 

“The trend towards SaaS continues to increase due to the numerous benefits of implementing hosted solutions. However, security, reliability and support are still a concern for many businesses, especially the public sector” said Dan Blanchet, Commercial Manager of iBase Systems. “However, we have addressed this issue by expanding our relationship with G-Cloud approved service leader, Memset whose SaaS infrastructure enables us to focus on the software while they take care of the infrastructure.” 

Transhub – Critical for reducing CO2 emissions from commuting

Containing the details of over 1,000,000 workplace commuter kilometres, Transhub is the largest source of contemporary sustainable travel related data in the country.

Transhub is an Internet-based software suite that contains Travel Plan monitoring, reporting and project management tools for both the public and private sector. The tools include customer relationship management, site management, online surveys, reporting and mapping.  As well as providing access to commuter CO2 emissions.

30% of local authorities across the UK have adopted the travel plan monitoring software, developed in collaboration with Transport for London (TfL) and WestTrans.

Envirohub – Optimising street cleaning resources

iBase have also been providing mobile inspection software for nearly 10 years with their street cleanliness monitoring system, Envirohub, adopted by local authorities across England. 

This mission-critical software, accessed via a web browser, uses graphs, tables, maps and gauges to show current and historical performance metrics and demonstrates progress against targets.  A mobile application uses a combination of remote data synchronisation, data entry forms, camera and GPS to record details of PDA inspections.

Depended upon for reporting performance against KPI’s, a robust hosting infrastructure is necessary to ensure local authorities have access to information down to the minute.

Flexibility and savings

Migrating to Memset has freed iBase Systems from the annual cost of an enterprise software licence, while the IaaS hosting configuration, including a cloud-based hosting environment, offers the extreme flexibility and cost efficiency of being able to scale resources, thereby providing considerable savings when compared with a totally dedicated server installation. The security of critical information and databases is maintained through firewalled, dedicated managed servers.

Cloud control features have allowed for things like auto-scaling and the cloning of servers.

“The upside of hosting on someone else’s infrastructure means that we can continue to concentrate on further developing our performance monitoring systems that can deliver significant cost savings for local authorities,” concluded Blanchet.