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Following the recent collapse of IT contractor 2e2, Memset is sympathetic to the plight of customers who, through no fault of their own, have been left out in the cold. The fact that 2e2 seems to have leased many of its servers and equipment, rather than owning them outright, has meant that what is left of the company is less than attractive for any potential

Kate Craig-Wood, Managing Director of Memset, said "This is a bad situation for the customers that rely on 2e2 for their hosted services. You obtain and outsource hosting so that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that someone else is looking after it. To have this rug pulled out from under you must be very stressful for the companies involved.  Memset is looking at extending a helping hand to any companies who need server or cloud hosting capacity by offering a free migration service to us, providing that the customer signs up for a sensible period of time.”

It is only natural for cases like this to make people wary of the "Cloud" or hosting in general but, in the same way businesses fail all the time, you just need to make sure that whoever you partner with for these services is debt free, profitable and has sound and experienced management in place.

Memset has been successfully providing managed hosting and dedicated servers for over 10 years, winning many awards for service and reliability, including the 2011 ISPA Best Managed Service award. They are highly profitable and growing at >35% CAGR while accumulating cash. Memset has sold no equity, is debt-free and in the top 10 in the Netcraft survey for reliability. They have been leaders in the UK's virtual server market since inception and have been recognised as providing the Best Public Cloud Solution at the DCS 2012 awards.

Today they are at the forefront of the cloud revolution with their Miniserver VM® cloud compute and MemstoreTM cloud storage solutions. Memset is also an IaaS/PaaS G-Cloud Foundation Delivery Partner and its Miniserver VM® virtual servers are IL-2 accredited.