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Secure Platform For Keeping Patient Data Safe

The Project

referapatient® solves the problem of doctors receiving rushed or confused information when given an urgent referral to deal with. It is used in more than 80 hospitals by doctors of all grades.

Bloomsbury Health Ltd developed and implements referapatient® and its client advisor, Graham Jeffries says: "Doctors need up-to-date information from relevant professionals, no matter where in the country they are, and we needed a secure and robust cloud system to hold this sensitive information and deliver it quickly on request."

The Background 

Graham Jeffries explains: "Health provision has seen an increasing concentration of specialist services in fewer larger centres as well as a trend for professionals seeking advice from those working in other specialties to provide the best quality of care. This cannot be sustained by phone or email.

"Much of a Trust's exposure to litigation comes from poor documentation and communication regarding urgent and emergency referrals."

Mr Jeffries explains scribbled notes - maybe taken by somebody in a rush - is now an ineffective way to run things. He says with people expecting a 24 hour service and urgent referrals on the rise, there was a need for a new solution.

He adds: "So with referapatient® we ensure all referrals and responses to specialists are securely documented via a single platform ensuring clear communication between doctors. 

"The system can send an email, SMS or bleep to all the people involved with a patient when there is something that requires their attention. Doing this allows doctors to access the information quickly, easily and securely."

We chose Memset because…

"Memset offered us a high quality service from the beginning," says Mr Jeffries, "Staff demonstrated a shared vision of an advanced NHS that uses superior technology to deliver critical resources in emergency care. Other providers just didn’t quite understand the complexity of the task we faced."

Security and sensitivity was key for Mr Jeffries, who says: "Bloomsbury Health’s Clinical Directors endeavour to treat patient data as if it were their own families’ personal and sensitive information.

"We needed to provide best of breed technology for NHS organisations and their valued patients and Memset allowed us to meet both of these aims."

The end result… 

According to Mr Jeffries, referapatient® has reduced the time it takes for patients to be treated following specialist advice by more than 50%.

He says: "We needed security, ease of accessibility in the field and uptime and Memset was pivotal in providing those for healthcare professionals with limited resources. 

"Compliance to contemporary policy and legislation made it extremely important our data centre provider remains up to date. Memset solves those challenges."

He adds: "NHS organisations are encouraged to review the economy of scale and security that virtualisation brings.

"referapatient® enhances patient safety, reduces morbidity and mortality. Any small initiative that reduces patient harm and reduces a fraction of this cost is significant to making the NHS a more resourceful organisation." 

In a nutshell… 

Mr Jeffries cites three main reasons why referapatient® chose Memset. He says: 

"Memset allowed us to make intelligent use of its technology to offer a high-quality virtual hosting solution on a fair and scalable pricing model."

"The company displayed strong investment in security technologies, personnel and processes."

"Memset had the appropriate and prestigious accreditations, certifications and awards that showed them to be head and shoulders above others."

And finally… 

Mr Jeffries says: "Our lack of resources forced ingenuity. A significant component of that ingenuity was incorporating Memset’s infrastructure."

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