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Penetration Testing

Manage and mitigate risk to ensure business continuity with penetration testing


Enhanced Compliance

Assessments to help with your accreditations


Improve Business Continuity

Secure systems are less likely to suffer breaches


Discover Vulnerabilities

Application and infrastructure penetration testing

In 2018, 43% of businesses experienced a cyber security breach or attack, according to the UK's Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. Therefore, it is key that businesses evaluate their network security and defence. Penetration testing is fundamental to hardening the security posture of any business small through to enterprise. 

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing simulates a real-time cyber-attack across your system, network or web applications in order to test your cyber security posture. Regularly referred to as 'ethical hacking' or 'pen tests' a penetration test will help you identify vulnerabilities and entry points that may be exploited by hackers. 

Why Penetration Testing? Penetration Testing

Penetration testing goes much deeper than any vulnerability management scan.  Utilising advanced manual techniques, pen test further investigate and eliminate the false positives that are common from automated scans greatly reducing time to mitigation for your security and IT teams. 

How it works

We have partnered with certified pen testing experts working with CREST registered testers who will deliver a bespoke and highly effective experience. Testers will work alongside you to scope out and plan the assessment to meet your budget and system's individual requirements. Once planned, pen testers will systematically work to peel back the layers of your infrastructure and applications, probing for vulnerabilities.


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Key Benefits:

Protect your reputation

Secure systems are less likely to suffer a breach, protecting your brand and reputation. 

Enhanced compliance

Demonstrate due diligence in the protection of confidential information. 

Mitigate attacks before they happen

Regular pen tests help you identify weak spots and stop breaches.

Optimise cyber security investment 

You can ensure your security team are working on the areas that matter.


What can you Pen Test?

Penetration Tests can be carried out on your entire network including:

  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Databases

They are an essential security procedure to discover, highlight and mitigate the hidden risks that attackers will exploit to compromise your organisation and customers.

Plan your Penetration Test today

Book a consultation with an expert so you can discover security vulnerabilities and misconfiguration on your network to keep cyber criminals out. 


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