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The Issue

Ambrose Fox, a west country web solutions company, prefers to work differently to other web design companies. They talk your language and create solutions around your needs. They base what they do around the 3 C's - Creativity, Care and Commitment. This is what Memset helps them deliver.

They offer the whole suite of services from design to delivery, offering hosting, development and even marketing and social media services in order to deliver websites for their clients, but also to assist them in driving traffic to those sites as well. Ambrose Fox has gone from strength to strength since its birth in 2009.

Adam Yeadon, founder, has developed business information systems and email campaigns for the likes of FedEx and 3M, so when he came to Memset we knew we had to deliver a high quality and reliable hostingsetup to match Ambrose Fox's business solutions.

The Solution

Ambrose Fox decided to go with a virtual solution, something that is one of the most scalable and reliable solutions on the market. Xen's open source virtualisation software allows Memset to divide a single powerful server into many smaller virtual servers (sometimes called 'virtual private servers', or 'VPS') each with its own dedicated resources.

Although several Miniserver VM® virtual servers may exist on one physical server, they are as secure as if they were separate machines on the same network, and the resources are partitioned in such a way that one virtual machine's activities cannot negatively affect the others.

The Benefits

As a new company, cost savings and the need for a reliable and scalable host were some of their biggest deciding factors when choosing a hosting provider.

The client says, "I chose Memset primarily because of their excellent reputation for customer service coupled with their robust VM server packages. I am happy to say their reputation for excellent customer service remains intact, providing us with all of the support we need along with scalable and reliable hosting for our clients.

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