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Server Monitoring

Be proactive in keeping your business online with a monitoring service and detect the issue before it becomes a problem

Our server monitoring solution provides you with an overall picture of your hosting so you can proactively address issues affecting your server performance. With real-time alerting you can choose to react to notifications in minutes or you can choose for a Memset System administrator to respond.

Basic Monitoring

We regularly check that your server is accessible and responsive from outside the data centre by pinging. This is self-monitored, however, if the server becomes unavailable for more than 10 minutes we will automatically attempt to reboot the server.

Included on all servers and VPS, additionally Dedicated Servers includes RAID monitoring.

Advanced Monitoring

All aspects of basic monitoring are included, but in addition we monitor key elements of your server – including Apache, MySQL, SSH, HTTP and many more, alerting you to issues before they have impacted your performance. Advanced Monitoring also includes Load Monitoring and Disk Space usage.

Available as an upgrade on all Dedicated Servers and Cloud VPS you can configure email and SMS alerts to notify you of any problems. It is included as part of the Premium Support package where you can configure alerts to go directly to a Memset on-call systems administrator.


How to set up Server Monitoring

You can find more information about our server monitoring service and how to configure it in our documentation section. 

What next?

Set up a free no obligation consultation with a technical expert today. Whether you require an off the shelf solution or a customised solution for more mission-critical backups, we can help you back up. 


We advise this service is used alongside other products within our security suite as your first line of defence.


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