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Public Cloud (IaaS)

Grow your business with a scalable, secure, open source solution - Version (Train)


Cloud On Demand

Only pay for the resources you use without committing to a fixed-term contract


Cloud That Scales

A highly redundant architecture, scalable in seconds to meet your business needs


Deploy Instantly

Spin up instances in under a minute with unrivalled agility to test new solutions

If you need to deploy, develop and deliver applications in minutes Public Cloud (IaaS) is the scalable, secure solution for you. It guarantees resource and performance with the flexibility of OnApp allowing you to accelerate your business.

As a business, your CPU, RAM and disk space requirements are unlikely to be static and will increase or decrease on a monthly, weekly or even hourly basis. An e-commerce website is a perfect example, it is likely busier at certain times ofthe day or year such as Christmas.

With Cloud VPS or a Dedicated Server, you must order a server capable of meeting your maximum requirements, which isn’t very cost-efficient. Cloud IaaS can be rapidly scaled up and down to allow for these peaks and troughs in traffic,meaning you only pay for what you use.



Our engineers are committed to helping you get the most from Public Cloud(IaaS) and our OpenStack ecosystem.

Support and advice are included for all Public Cloud (IaaS) customers and is available via our Memset ticketing system. We’ll provide you with technical support with all OpenStack infrastructure layer elements. Instance Operating systems and applications are not currently covered as standard.

Memset’s Cloud IaaS allows us to instantly deploy and scale instances. It is a secure and reliable solution that allows us to respond to our customers’ requirements quickly, resulting in a great customer experience that is elastic as our customers grow their business.

Managing Director

Chris Berry

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Start a free 14-day trial to find out why Cloud IaaS is the perfect solution for you. Alternatively, you can immediately start your own project or if you need more information contact one of our technical experts.


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