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The History

Datagraphic is a Strategic Document outsourcing company, one of the UK’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, for minute-critical sensitive and financial communications. They began hosting with Memset in 2012, following the decision to free up the valuable time of their IT development team to focus on applications, rather than hosting. Since then their customer base has grown substantially; they now have over 20 Dedicated Servers hosted by Memset, a rapid increase from the 4 they initially deployed.

The Issue

Datagraphic can experience 1.7 million users logging on to their client Epay portals over a 3-day period every month. It is therefore critical that they have high availability for their applications and that the infrastructure used is resilient to ensure business continuity for their clients.

Additionally, as Datagraphic manage sensitive and financial communications, it is imperative that the suppliers they work with, such as Memset, are security conscious, correctly accredited, follow best practise and are transparent in their code of conduct.

A recent area of work for Datagraphic has been preparation for The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This key piece of legislation sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal data of all individuals within the EU. Coming into effect on 25th May 2018, a recent survey by YouGov in May 2017 found that 71% of companies were not ready for GDPR. Datagraphic is proud not to be part of that statistic: Datagraphic are working with sub-processors such as Memset to ensure suppliers are GDPR compliant from May 2018. The understanding of GDPR like the knowledge of hosting can vary from customer to customer for Datagraphic, so they require transparency and flexibility from their suppliers.

The Solution

Memset’s Service Level Agreement offers 99.99% infrastructure and network availability and strict response times to queries and emergency tickets from technical engineers. This provides Datagraphic with the continuity of service they require to ensure their customers and end users can access their personal portals.

Memset was originally selected by Datagraphic as its hosting provider because of Memset’s focus on security, something that still remains vital to Datagraphic 5 years on. Memset’s data centres are UK based and are managed following industry best practise, such as redundant N+1 power and resilient network, two-factor biometric authentication and comprehensive electronic access control, intruder detection systems and 24-hour monitoring with police escalation.

All of Memset’s security controls, including legislative and data protection compliance are externally audited and ISO27001 accredited for Information Security Management. This means Memset has a formal system to manage ongoing compliance with regulations and they are currently revising existing Data Protection Act (DPA) compliant controls in readiness for GDPR compliance in May 2018.

A regular review process is carried out between Datagraphic and Memset to ensure every aspect of the service is meeting the standards desired. This includes updates on data handling and procedural reviews, internal Privacy Impact Assessments and new security focused services.

The Benefit

By hosting with Memset, Datagraphic are confident that all of their data is hosted in the UK adhering to UK legislation and will include GDPR when it comes into effect.

The Client Says

Many global brands rely on Datagraphic’s Epay application to present payslips, reward statements and other workforce communications. It is therefore vital we partner with a UK based hosting provider who, as a minimum, meets the high standards we insist upon for data security and hosting resilience.

Furthermore, in preparation for GDPR, transparency and accountability are essential. We are pleased to be working with Memset to ensure robust processor to sub-processor data sharing agreements are in place to provide further reassurance to our clients of end-to-end data protection.

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