The Issue

Datagraphic, is a Strategic Document Outsourcing (SDO) company and one of the UK’s leading software-as-a-service providers for online employee communications. Its Epay service, hosts over 40,000,000 documents annually, for hundreds of leading UK businesses. All data resides in the UK, but can be accessed by employees working around the globe, via any web-enabled device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Their epayslip service had always been hosted internally at an on-site, secure ISO 27001 approved production facility, however they found additional IT resource were having to be supplied to ensure client sites operated effectively through the load period, especially at critical periods, such as payroll period ends.

Having to divert valuable development resource to ensure IT systems were running correctly was ineffective and was having a knock on effect throughout the business, in particular, delaying the implementation of new clients.

The Solution

Datagraphic took the decision to fundamentally change their sourcing model by outsourcing their IT infrastructure. They spoke to a number of providers, but decided to work with Memset for the project, as they were one of only a handful of UK based hosting providers with ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications who could deliver the fully secured, encrypted service required. In addition, it was vital to Datagraphic that all data remained in the EU, so a US based provider who are subject to the US Patriot Act were not an option.

Memset have provided Datagraphic with 6 dedicated servers to host their epayslip service. One of the dedicated servers acts as a front-end proxy, which then directs the request to the relevant server where multiple clients are hosted across the remaining 5 dedicated machines, further adding to the reliability of the service.

The Benefits

As a result of moving to Memset, Datagraphic have been able to deliver their epayslip solution far more efficiently and quickly. Datagraphic have been able to use their IT team to bring on board new clients, instead of having to focus on maintaining the platform and dealing with network or hardware issues, enabling the business to grow and them to focus on their core software offering.

The Client Says

“Outsourcing our IT infrastructure to Memset has provided us with the capacity to grow in a way that would not have been possible using in-house resources. In one month we have seen a doubling in the release of new client sites,” said Glyn King, managing director at Datagraphic.

“Even if we continue to grow at this current rate, we are very secure in the knowledge that Memset will keep pace with the demands, and have the infrastructure available to scale up our requirements as we grow,” concluded Mr King.

Last updated 21 February 2017, 12:59 GMT