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Enterprise File Fabric

An enterprise file management solution for organisations of any size providing secure sharing and data governance

The File Fabric, from Storage Made Easy, federates and unifies all files in the cloud to provide a ‘single pane of glass’. It simplifies data compliance and user collaboration providing secure content through a single pane of glass. It is in effect a security compliant drop box enabling organisations to take control of their corporate data.

The application offers a simple to use interface on top of your object storage, empowering all end users to take control. By hosting the application with Memset not only do you have two perfect solutions you can rest assured that your data will remain sovereign to the UK, so ensuring GDPR compliance.

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Webinar document management


Watch our webinar on how Enterprise File Fabric can simplify your document management strategy. 

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Benefits of Enterprise File Fabric

Deep Content Search
  • Take control of your files and data
  • Web, desktop and mobile
  • Results based on AD/LDAP permissions
  • Supports taxonomy classifications of data
  • Supports PII / SPI / PHI data discovery
Permissions Based Access
  • Unify permissions policies across all content
  • Easily set group content permissions
  • Supports corporate AD/LDAP/SAML
  • Supports two-factor authentication
  • Provide audit trail
Multi-Cloud File Manager
  • Unified experience for content
  • Desktop integrated Drives and Sync
  • Single Sign On access (AD, LDAP, SAML)
  • View/manage/edit content
  • Policy driven security
Govern All Data
  • Audit all file events
  • Encrypt cloud data
  • Securely share private data
  • Ransomware protection
  • GDPR and DPA compliant 

Why host with Memset?

By combining Enterprise File Fabric with Memset Object Storage we are able to provide a fully UK based cloud technology stack. We have developed two solutions that will fit your requirements and budget to get you up and running on a File Fabric server as soon as possible.


File Fabric Shared Server

A cost-effective solution for an organisation account on a secure, shared File Fabric instance.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a File Fabric server without any of the burdens of managing the server this is the perfect solution.

Prices start from £8 / user / month.


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File Fabric Dedicated Server

Running your own File Fabric instance offers some benefits that are not available on the shared instance. You can use your own domain name to access the server and customise it with your own branding. This means that you are able to resell or host as many organisations as you want on your server.

Prices start from £6 / user / month

A Memset Cloud VPS and Object Storage account are also required.

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Since we have started using the File Fabric platform, we have been able to share our highly sensitive payroll files with our clients in an easy and most-importantly secure way. The need to have everything residing within the EU was also a key requirement for me, and this has been met by the joint SME & Memset solution. Moreover, the ability for our customers to securely deposit files with us, and for us to securely deliver files to our clients through SME's two-way folder sharing capabilities (Drop Folders) has helped greatly with both ours, and our clients GDPR compliance.

Managing Director

Chris Birkett

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