Load-balancing & Auto-failover

We call it Performance Patrol™ - and offer customers a load balancing and auto-failover solution at a competitive prices.


5 Services

Our flexible load balancing service can be tailored to suit your project. For additional service or bandwidth options please contact us for pricing.

Flexible monitoring
1 Free vLAN
1 Gbps (20:1 contention)
  • Price excludes VAT.
  • A service is for example HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP or MySQL.
  • The connection can be upgraded.
  • Please note cPanel cannot be load balanced.

On-demand, Scalable Traffic Management

If your website is hit with a high spike in traffic will it be able to cope? Do you have the necessary resources in place to help prevent an overload or, even worse, an outage? Memset’s Performance Patrol™ allows the traffic to be shared across multiple front-end machines in a cluster and automatically manages the demand, and re-routes traffic in the event of a failure.

High Availability

Memset’s Performance Patrol™ ensures high availability for your website or application by automatically scaling the load that needs to be spread across multiple machines. High availability comes at no extra cost when you have a load balancer.

Highly Available Load-balancing & Auto-failover Solution

Memset clusters a number of Dedicated Servers (physical or virtual) which are linked together via the network and operate in tandem to run your particular application or website. It enables us to give your website or application additional resilience by spanning it across two or more physical machines so that if any one fails your service stays live.

Frequently asked questions

Hardware & Software Redundancy

The main advantage of a Dedicated Server cluster is that it has hardware and software redundancy. As the cluster consists of a number of independent nodes, and each node runs a copy of the operating system and application software, high availability can be achieved by detecting node or daemon failures and reconfiguring the system appropriately, so that the workload can be taken over by the remaining nodes in the cluster.

Active Monitoring

Memset’s cluster system will actively monitor all servers in your cluster to ensure they are up and responding to requests. If any of them "drop out" then the solution will immediately detect this and failover any requests to the other server(s).

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Backed by 24/7/365 UK-based Support

Memset’s load balancing product is covered by 24/7/365 UK-based support.

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Security Features

By using the cluster system, SSL can also be handled by the nodes that share the same certificate. SSL connections are terminated at the final nodes allowing traffic to remain encrypted all the way to the application. This also allows us to support any protocol.

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Full API Control

Memset’s API offers a RESTful interface (using JSON over HTTPS) and/or an XML-RPC interface that enables you to customise and automate load balancer management.

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