Secure Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions from Memset are required by some of our customers for additional data security. Private cloud dedicates some or all of the infrastructure to one client organisation, providing enhanced information security.

We understand that for some businesses, it's not sufficient to rely upon software and virtualisation technology to provide adequate segregation between their data and applications and other users.

Summary of IaaS Cloud Services

Cloud type Public (non-private, standard VMs) Private Private, High-Security
Dedicated (private) host servers No Yes Yes
Dedicated network infrastructure No No Yes
Memset®-managed virtualisation platform Yes Yes Yes
VM-management control panel Yes Yes Yes
API Optional Optional Optional
Per-VM cost Standard VM pricing Standard VM pricing Standard VM pricing
Storage cost Standard Memstore pricing Standard Memstore pricing Standard Memstore pricing
Fixed infrastructure charge (Miniserver VM) None $269.00 /month $1299.00 /month
Fixed infrastructure charge (Memstore) None $679.00 /month $1299.00 /month

Public vs. Private Cloud

All public cloud services run on our shared infrastructure, which means that your Miniserver VM® virtual machines are running alongside other customers' virtual machines (VMs). We have never had any security breaches, and have total confidence in our Xen-based virtualisation layer and OpenStack-based storage solution as secure segregation systems. Our own critical systems are on our public cloud.

However, despite our faith in our virtualisation layer, we appreciate that some customers may prefer to have their own physically dedicated infrastructure, or may be required to by regulatory requirements . That is what we mean by "private cloud"; VMs and data hosted on non-shared infrastructure dedicated to that client. We offer three types of private cloud:

Information Security

Regardless of whether you choose public or private cloud, all our systems and procedures adhere to, and exceed, the requirements for our ISO27001 information security certification, all data is kept within UK borders, and any members of staff with root-level access to customer servers have been background-checked (CRB). Further, since we do no provide colocation, no unknown/untrusted individuals are permitted access to the racks. For more information please see our security page.

Private Cloud (standard)

For clients who want to have all the benefits of our standard Miniserver VM® Virtual Server or Memstore™ cloud storage platforms, but on their own dedicated server infrastructure so their data is not colocated on the same hardware as other users, we provide the Memset®-managed private cloud service. This is identical to our public cloud services, except on non-shared host servers.

There is a small charge of $269.00 per month for a private Miniserver VM® cloud or $679.00 per month for a private Memstore™ cloud which covers the unallocated space; with public cloud we can balance the workload across our shared infrastructure, which is more efficient.

We can scale the private cloud infrastructure, at the customer's request, and the VMs are billed at our standard monthly rates. However, please be aware that private clouds are not as rapidly scalable as our public cloud which allocates resources out of a massive pool. Therefore if you expect your private cloud load to be spikey (e.g. more than 30GB of VM rapid variance) you need to let us know.

Private Cloud (high security)

For customers who require additional security in the form of full network segregation, we offer a high-security version of our Memset®-managed private cloud. It differs in that the network infrastructure (switches, cabling and pair of failover router-firewalls) is also dedicated solely to that customer.

We can put fully dedicated servers as well as virtual machines behind the dedicated router-firewalls, with complete segregation from our core network on a physically dedicated LAN. This service costs $1299.00 per month with any VMs or dedicated servers charged at our normal rates. Please note that only VMs are available by the hour.

If you want a high-security private cloud with servers and Memstore™ storage then it is cheaper than getting two separate private clouds. The fixed infrastructure charge in that instance would be $1979.00/month.

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