Managed Cloud Services

We will take care of the infrastructure, scaling it as needed to meet your application's demands, and charge you only for the resources necessary to keep response times optimal.

If you have an application or service that you want to host using cloud technology - so that you only pay for what you use - but lack the technical know-how in house to manage a cloud infrastructure then this option is for you.

Cloud's Benefits Without the Hassle

Cloud computing is an enormously powerful tool, allowing the infrastructure your applications and data sit on to scale in response to demand or requirement, with you only being charged for what you use. However, managing a cloud infrastructure can be complex. The application needs to be written in the right way, and you need a system to do the scaling.

For example, the application needs to operate with stateless front-end servers, ie. the Web server nodes cannot rely on locally stored file-based information, which usually means all user session information needs to be in a database. Also, in order to scale automatically your application needs to understand its own needs, and request additional virtual machines to be provisioned via an API.

You can do some of that yourself, manually, using our control panel, or of course you could just provision an excess of hardware to cope with peak demands, but neither of those solutions are particularly cost-effective nor elegant. We have an alternative solution: managed cloud.

Let Us Take the Strain

We have almost a decade's experience in managing and running online applications. Further, we own and host some extremely resource-intensive free services on our own cloud infrastructure, such as, the URL shortener. We partner with a number of Web development houses, and can assist you with anything from migrating to the cloud (see below) to completely re-engineering your application to be cloud-ready.

Once adapted and migrated, we can entirely manage your Web application for you, with the assistance of the development company. In other words, you worry about your business and we worry about making sure your service stays up 24/7, has plenty of resources to have a snappy response time, is backed up and is secure. Best of all, you just pay for the resources you need.

Migrate to the Cloud With Ease

We realise that while many companies would like to enjoy the benefits of migrating to a cloud provider they often lack the confidence or technical expertise to migrate existing legacy software and systems to new servers. That is why we have partnered with SEM Solutions, with whom migrating to our infrastructure is made easy, suitable for normal as well as managed cloud systems.

Visual Diagram of IT Hosting Plan

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