The Team

As with any successful, growing organisation there are some key people at the top who make it what it is, and we would like to introduce them to you.

Kate Craig-Wood, Managing Director

Kate Craig-Wood

Kate frequently describes herself as a “girl geek”, and her passion for technology and innovation was clear from when she started programming computers at age 9.

After working as an e-commerce developer for two years, Kate founded Memset Ltd in 2002 with her brother Nick.

Now Kate is a main board member of Intellect UK, chair of the Intellect UK’s climate change group, and a member of the ministerial Green Economy Council, as well as a firm advocate for encouraging more women into IT roles. In her spare time you can catch her updating Twitter with her views on everything from IT to films, chasing adrenaline with skiing and cars, and working on her PhD on the energy efficiency of cloud computing.

Nick Craig-Wood, Technical Director

Nick Craig-Wood

Before co-founding Memset with Kate, Nick had 14 years of experience in the IT industry. He is a mathematically inclined software developer and expert in Linux systems administration and network communications, and was the key driver behind the development of our Cloud VPS virtualisation technology. As the technical director, Nick now spends a lot of time with the development team, finding ways to make Memset employees' tasks easier, and creating new things to excite existing customers.

Nick has read most books on the “to read” booklists, enjoys hacking Android and wears his Hunter wellingtons on daily dog walks.

Simon Luff, Network Manager

Simon Luff

Simon joined Memset in 2012, having had 20 years experience in IT consulting. As our Network Manager Simon is focusing on creating a network that is infallible, but uses his background in systems administration hardware architecture to also contribute to the operations team.

In his spare time Simon is a music fan, with a particular inclination towards rock. In summer he can frequently be found in a muddy field, but also enjoys scuba diving, skiing and cycling.

Alex Coke-Smyth, Operations Manager

Alex Coke-Smyth

Alex holds the title for go-kart champion at Memset and has worked in systems administration since graduating with his degree in Behavioural Sciences. Alex has worked at Memset since the very early days of 2003 and is now Operations Manager, with expertise in Internet security and systems management. He is also responsible for encouraging the operations team to join in with sillier endeavours such as Movember. At the weekend Alex plays squash, cooks huge quantities of food and charges the battery in his racing green Lotus.

Tom Baxter, Service Manager

Tom Baxter

Tom has worked in systems administration for 11 years with various companies and his comprehensive knowledge makes him well placed as Memset’s Service Manager. Tom is excellent at motivating the support team and is great at explaining complex scenarios to the less technical sales team.

Tom has a beautiful family who take up most of his home life, but he can tell you a lot about which bike you should be riding and can name most birds around the Dunsfold office.

Tom Owen, Security Manager

Tom Owen

Tom (Tomo) joined Memset in 2014 following a security-focussed career with cloud hosting providers and consultancy. A risk-management person from birth, Tom lives and breathes for cutting-edge security approaches, making him a blast in team meetings. Heading up both Memset’s Cyber Security and Corporate Infrastructure teams he is responsible for making Memset’s systems both safer and more effective.

He can often be found spending his weekends running around muddy hills or cooking ‘esoteric’ food. His greatest success to date has been the founding of the Memset Luncheon club (MemNosh).