Cutting-Edge Data Centres

Memset operates multiple data centres fitted with the cutting edge of environmental, operational and security controls to deliver the best possible price, performance and peace of mind to our customers.

A view of the cooling system on the roof of our Dunsfold data centre

Adiabatic Coolers

A view of the cooling system on the roof of our Dunsfold data centre. This advanced air-cooling system is a cost effective alternative to a cooling tower significantly reducing our carbon footprint too.

Local solar panels power our data centre

Powered by Green Energy

Memset’s Dunsfold Park data centre is powered by ‘green energy’ via 8,500 ground level solar panels that have been installed on-site.

Our secure Dunsfold data centre

High Security

Our Dunsfold data centre has been designed to deliver high security services aimed at sensitive clients or complex compliance requirements, all whilst maintaining a market-leading competitive price for our services at each level.

Optimal Choice

Memset has two types of data centre designed to give you the optimal choice between highly cost-efficient hosting and high security services aimed at sensitive clients or complex compliance requirements, all whilst maintaining a market-leading competitive price for our services at each level. Our data centres are designed and built according to security best practices, are accredited to UK OFFICIAL & OFFICIAL over PSN Encrypted Overlay and primarily aligned at the IL2 and IL3 security requirements. Mappings to other security standards can be provided.

UK Owned and Operated

Memset Ltd is UK owned and operated and subject to UK legal jurisdiction. Memset will not store, transmit or access your data hosted in our UK and EU data centres from non-EU countries.

Green Hosting

Memset is represented in some of the most prestigious industry environmental groups, including the ministerial Green Economy Council, which allows us to participate in key industry developments. Carefully selected infrastructure and operational processes ensure peak energy efficiency without a trade off against quality or security.

Physical Security

All Memset data centres include the following physical security controls:

  • Biometric authentication for access control
  • Management of visitors and contractors on-site including a requirement for pre-authorisation, presentation of photographic identification, visitor logging and badging
  • Comprehensive 24x7 monitored CCTV coverage, 90 days footage retention
  • Dedicated data centre facilities with appropriate stand-off perimeters (fencing, vehicle controls, etc.)
  • Defence-in-depth approach to the security of the hosting infrastructure from pedestrian and vehicle-born threats and unauthorised access
  • BPSS clearance of all staff with logical or physical access. Many cleared to SC level.

Memset high security OFFICIAL over PSN Encrypted Overlay accredited (IL3-aligned) data centres additionally include:

  • Class 3 strong-room construction or IL3-appropriate caging
  • Two-factor biometric authentication for access
  • Additional security monitoring and defence-in-depth controls
  • Optional hardened logical access models
  • SC clearance of all staff with logical or physical access

Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Data centres are included in our ISO 27001, 9001 and 14001 business-wide accreditations
  • Designed and assessed to align with the security requirements of the now obsolete IL2 standard
  • Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance managed by dedicated teams
  • Independent Security (operations and implementation) and GRC (management and audit) functions and departments ensure segregation of duties

Memset’s high security data centres are additionally accredited by the UK Pan Government Accreditor (PGA) to host PSN and PSN-Encrypted networks and services. This aligns to the security requirements of the now obsolete IL3.

Network Infrastructure

Memset operates data centres in the Dunsfold and Reading areas, you can select which IP Zone you need. The IP Zones enable the simple transfer of IP addresses and virtual infrastructure between data centres within the Zone and ensure that customer data remains in a hosting and support location appropriate to its data protection requirements. Memset can provide low-latency inter-data centre network bridging to enable cost-efficient and highly effective failover within these Zones.

A diagram of the datacenter network layout

Features include:

  • Dedicated and geographically divergent low-latency optical WAN between all data centres and support locations
  • Geographically diverse transit connections
  • Large bandwidth over-provision to ensure availability
  • PSN and PSN Encrypted* connections available

*PSN and PSN Encrypted overlay networks are only available in our OFFICIAL over PSN Encrypted Overlay secured data centres

Operational and M&E Controls

  • N+1 generators and UPS support, at least 36 hours of fuel on-site with refuel provision
  • Data hall cooling systems at N+1 or N+25% resilience
  • Data centres managed via Building Management System
  • Regular M&E operation and failover testing schedule
  • Appropriate maintenance and support contracts in place for M&E equipment
  • CESG CAS(D) approved data destruction processes
  • ISO 27001 and HMG Baseline Control Set management controls and policies
  • All staff sign confidentiality agreements
  • BPSS clearance for all Memset staff

Staff with physical or logical access to Memset’s high-security data centres are additionally screened to SC level.

Environmental Controls

  • Data centre operations and business activities are included within our ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System.
  • Electricity consumption at our data centres is reduced and offset in line with Memset's Carbon Neutral accreditation.
  • Memset applies the intelligent use of rack space to increase PUE (power usage effectiveness).
  • Environmental considerations have been at the heart of Memset's selection and design of data centres.