A welcome from the Managing Director

Our goal is simple - to be the best hosting services provider in Britain through integrity, openness, fairness, hard work and being smarter than the competition.

When my brother Nick and I founded MEMSET® in 2002 we already had several years experience in the Internet services industry. During that time we had come to realise that the majority of big name Internet Presence Providers (IPPs) tend to charge premium prices for their services, while lower-cost providers often cut corners to keep their prices down.

With that in mind we decided that we should make intelligent use of technology to offer high-quality, flexible dedicated and virtual hosting solutions on a fair & scalable pricing model. Over the last eleven years that same fundamental approach has allowed us to attract clients both large and small, and we have been able to help them grow and share in their successes.


With a culture of using open source technology, a strong in-house development team led by Nick and a motto of "automate everything", we have also been ideally positioned to embrace and develop new technologies. This is particularly demonstrated in the development of our Miniserver VM® virtualisation technology, the foundation of our cloud computing services. We are proud to be able to state that we are Britain's leading supplier of dedicated virtual servers (VPS).

Our use of latest technology and investment in internal systems allows us to offer very low pricing without compromising quality. Combined with this, our dedication to customer service has allowed us to offer truly industry-leading value-for-money.


Our goal is simple; to be the best hosting services provider in Britain through integrity, openness, fairness, hard work and being smarter than the competition.

Today, we are achieving that aim, as demonstrated by the combination of our being...

We will continue to work hard to ensure that we maintain our high quality and low prices.


Memset® Ltd. debt-free, profitable and growing organically at steady, maintainable pace. We are also owner-managed, my brother Nick and I holding 90% of the shares. We deliberately avoid external investment so that we are not beholden to corporate greed, and can keep maintaining our "small and friendly" approach to customer care even as we mature into a large organisation.


Nick and I are backed by a heavy-weight board of four non-executive directors. Two of them have taken technology small companies all the way to floatation, and one is currently the CEO of a FTSE-quoted company. Between them they have over a century's worth experience in the IT sector, making our board the perfect mix of youthful innovative drive and wise experience.

The team and I look forward to welcome you as a customer and providing you with the services & support you need for your online presence to grow and succeed.

Yours sincerely,


Kate Craig-Wood

Managing Director