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Server Status

Memset monitors the status of all its servers and when one is detected offline it will get auto rebooted. Memset makes available the status as determined by the Memset monitoring system of all client servers available via their Memset control panel.

The status page of each server can be found by logging into the Memset control panel then navigating firstly to the Account Summary, from there clicking on either the VPS or the Full Servers line in the Tools section. The list that follows will contain all the mini or full servers in the account. The line for each server will contain a link marked Status. This link will take you to the status page for the server.

A server with basic Server Monitoring that is currently online and responding to pings looks like the following:

A server that is offline looks like:

If the server has Advanced Server Monitoring then each monitored service will also be have its status shown. The following is a server with the SSH service being monitored in addition to the default ping monitoring:

The current status of each server is also more succinctly listed on the Manage page for each server.

Last updated 28 August 2019, 08:55 GMT