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Server Status and Monitoring

About Server Monitoring (Port Patrol™)

Server Monitoring is our in-house, proactive monitoring solution. We currently offer two levels of server monitoring: Basic, which is included free of charge on all servers and Advanced which is a paid option.

The basic server monitoring is "proactive" since we do not simply send you an email when something fails - we are paged directly and actively investigate and resolve the issue. We pride ourselves on often detecting and fixing a problem before our client or their users ever notice there was one in the first place.

Coupling Advanced monitoring with Memset® Managed support, you can set the destination of the alerts to be the team of 24x7 on-call Systems Administrators.

Basic Server Monitoring

Basic monitoring is included with all servers and VPS's.

Basic monitoring means that we will check that your server is accessible from outside the datacentre by checking it's network availability. This is done by sending it a ping, that is to say, pinging it. If the server becomes unavailable for more than 10 minutes we will attempt to reboot the server. If the server still remains offline that any assistance we render will be determined by your support level.

Advanced Server Monitoring

This includes basic ping monitoring and in addition we will monitor:

  • Up to 5 services/ports (eg SSH, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, MySQL) on the server.
  • Load monitoring.
  • Disk space usage.

The Advanced server monitoring is 24/7, and you will be able to configure email and SMS alerts to notify you of any problems. If you have our Memset®-managed SLA you can configure alerts to go directly to a Memset on-call Systems Administrator who will investigate any alerts raised.

Duplicate rules can be configured with different destinations so that both you and Memset can be notified of the same issue at the same time.

Please see the Advanced Monitoring And Examples documentation for further information and example configurations of Advanced Monitoring.

Monitoring Agent

For Advanced monitoring we install an agent (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE)) on your server. This agent performs the internal monitoring of the server's disk space and load level. The agent listens on TCP port 5666 for connections from our monitoring system. Please ensure this port remains accessible from IP by opening port 5666 on any local firewall or through the Memset firewall if it is being used.

If this conflicts with your own monitoring solution, please contact the support team.

Programmatic Service Status (API)

The status of your services can also be retrieved using our API. At the time of writing, the API does not support creating rules.

See the server status section of the API for more information. If you are new to our API, be sure to view the examples in various languages

Notes for self-managed firewall users

In order for monitoring services to function it is important that you allow UDP and TCP traffic from our monitoring server IPs which are as follows:


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