Does PSN Work Now

posted 05-05-16

Kate's fireside chat with Stuart Lauchlan at Think Cloud for Digital Government 2016.

Stuart: The PSN Works Now Does it?

Kate: At last! PSN has just been a massive pain in the backside. For us we didn’t have a GCXX connection so we had to do it the hard way, get a new line in effectively.

We discovered along the way that things like the cryptographic interchanges, they weren’t working up until about a year ago, there are things like BT’s network to talk to Vodafone’s part of the network or whoever simply weren’t working.

Also there was supposed to be, going back to the original concept, PSN was absolutely central. You need a shared secure platform on which these cloud services can operate. The idea was that is was just a network.

Now that vision is coming in line with how the Cabinet Office see it, it should be just another network, like the internet. But the idea was that all the other networks would be assimilated by it, so you have N3, PNN, and the criminal justice one, Janet and all the rest, they would be assimilated into one big network that was cheap for people to connect too. But I can tell you from personal experience, it is not cheap compared to what you can get for an internet connection for. And by not cheap, I mean a couple of orders. But that has improved, but I still think there is some way to go.