Local Government G-Cloud Adoption

posted 05-05-16

Kate's fireside chat with Stuart Lauchlan at Think Cloud for Digital Government 2016.

Local government, back then we thought local government would be the place that G-Cloud would really work. I don't know how many hundred councils there are, but they all need the same sort of stuff; looking after bins and lampposts and roads and what not, so you'd think that G-Cloud would be perfect for them. And again there, we were a bit naive because its kind of selling Christmas to turkeys, the IT manager with a few servers and a couple of people, which you are sorting of putting people out of a job, but where we are seeing success is in the software as a service. We heard one example just there from Ofcom. We host a company called Whitespace who basically do waste management software, which is cloud based and again is good adoption by local council.