Cloud First Mandate

posted 05-05-16

Kate's fireside chat with Stuart Lauchlan at Think Cloud for Digital Government 2016.

Stuart: Can I ask you about the Cloud First Mandate that was seen to be a shove in the right direction for central government. Has that really had the impact that everyone was thinking?

Kate: Well you just have to look at the numbers. So the £1bn thing is touted a lot. But you have to remember that that £1bn is the total G-Cloud spend to date. The actual run rate is about £40m per month. So it is still getting on for half a billion a year, so its still good, but when you break down that further actually less than 20% of that is actually cloud services, so infrastructure, platform, and software as a service. More than 80% of it, is Lot 4 SCS, the consultancy services so we're still really seeing a minute spend going to what we'd call true cloud services. So I think, that mandate doesn't seem to be really being embraced.

I think there have been some good reasons, there have been some good barriers, the security situation has been a mess, PSN didn't work, people didn't understand sufficiently how their applications worked sufficiently. I would hope that going forwards there is less excuses.