G-Cloud Living Up To The Hype?

posted 05-05-16

Kate's fireside chat with Stuart Lauchlan at Think Cloud for Digital Government 2016.

Stuart: Lets flash back a bit, lets go back to 2010 you were doing something as part of G-Cloud, as part of the formative state of G-Cloud, looking back now where the expectations that were set at the time realistic?

Yes it was an interesting time, there were about 40 of us, a mixture of private & public sector supported by a small army of Deloitte consultants and we were really putting the flesh on the bones of the sort of G-Cloud concept. I think in some ways we were a little naïve, but in some ways it was really good stuff. One of the areas in which that perhaps we were a little naïve is, you know, cloud was very hype-y at the time, it was starting to be adopted widely but we expected that government organisations would be able to disintegrate their stack, so essentially split out things like infrastructure from software and migrate to cloud platforms relatively easily.

With hindsight, when you actually look at the state of government IT in practice most government organisations have historically been outsourcing their IT skills, so they don’t actually understand their own applications. So what we’ve been seeing over the last few years is some of the bigger departments they have actually been building those skill bases internally, we’ve got GDS now & HMRC are probably the exemplars in that space and at the other end of the spectrum we’re seeing some success.