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UK Hosting Now A Viable Option To US Solutions; Moves Its Hosting Back To The UK

- Moves Its Hosting Back To The UK -

Surrey, United Kingdom, 7 September 2011 -, the UK's most popular wedding website, has today announced that it is moving its website hosting back to the UK after having hosted it in the US for the past 12 years., which every month is visited by about 300,000 unique visitors producing a total of more than six million page views, has become the UK’s leading wedding resource website covering everything to do with getting married, from the engagement through to the honeymoon.

Dean Yardley, managing director of, said: “When we evaluated where to host the site many years ago, the UK was just not a viable option, despite the business being based in Surrey. When we reviewed the options for hosting recently we discovered that it was now more cost-effective to switch back to UK suppliers. Memset has an appealing mix of skill and service alongside an attitude to work hand-in-hand with customers.”

However, as the UK industry has become more competitive, which has seen costs levelling on par with US counterparts, and with British providers making significant technological inroads into virtual and dedicated hosting solutions, the UK market is experiencing somewhat of a comeback.

Furthermore, businesses are becoming more savvy over their data, many are aware that their data needs to be stored within UK borders to adhere with British data protection laws.

Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset, who managed to lure back to British shores said: “We offer a lot more flexibility through our service - a much more personalised service. Its great to see that we can stack up to the US proposition and can compete not only on price but through advances in technical capabilities and superior customer service.”

To enable to continue to run its website in the UK, its entire infrastructure including a mixture of dedicated and virtual machines all on their own private VLAN is now hosted by Memset in its UK data centre.

“Our confidence in Memset is critical to our business, if we can’t provide our service, there’s a real risk that our customers will go elsewhere, or be unable to access the vital elements to a successful wedding day” said Yardley.

He also added: “The flexibility Memset provides means we can concentrate on growing the business, and that’s worth a lot to us and its one of the principal reasons that we’ve moved our hosting to Memset.”


Posted September 2011 by Kate Craig-Wood