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Memset Launches New Generation of Virtual Dedicated Servers

Memset, UK leader in the development of virtual dedicated servers, has launched a new version of its Miniserver™ virtual machines,
creating a new generation of virtual dedicated servers. Miniserver™ virtual machines will provide users with all the benefits of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost. They run on Intel's new Virtualisation Technology and open source software Xen. Compared to other virtual dedicated servers, they offer unparalleled security, truly dedicated resources and the flexibility of using any operating system, including Windows.

To the user, a Miniserver™ virtual machine is indistinguishable from a physical dedicated server. This is because Memset's Miniserver™ technology enables a server to be effectively divided into multiple machines, each with its own truly dedicated resources. The server is compartmentalised in such a way that each user has their own RAM, disk space, CPU allocation and kernel as well as applications. This provides much greater levels of security than with other virtual dedicated servers on the market where the RAM, disk, CPU and kernel are shared across the users.

A Miniserver™ virtual machine also provides the user with unmatched flexibility. Because each user has their own resources (RAM, disk space, CPU allocation and kernel), they can use any operating system, including Windows and Linux. This enables different users to use different operating systems on the same server, bringing the benefits of virtual machines to a much larger audience, including those who wish to use Microsoft technologies.

They are also easily scalable. A user can take just as much resource as required for their application. However, should circumstances change and they require more, upgrading is easy and requires just a few minutes of downtime. Not only does this approach save the user money, but it also means that there is no wasted resource and no wasted power, which is good for the environment. A typical dedicated server, for example, uses 120Watts even when idling, whereas a Miniserver™ virtual machine uses as little as 10Watts.

Miniserver™ virtual machines provides an ideal testing and development platform: any operating system can be used, the server can be cloned and the developer can choose the amount of resource needed. Furthermore, at any point that the developer may wish, the server can be returned to its initial state.

Memset uses only high-quality, mirrored hardware for hosting its Miniserver™ virtual machines, and has no single-point-of-failure in its network. This gives truly enterprise-level disaster-resilience to all Memset's customers, large and small alike.

Posted November 2006 by Kate Craig-Wood