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Memset Proves Why Green IT Should Still Be A Priority In A Downturn

- As IT Host Receives Industry Acclaim For Ongoing Commitment To Green Hosting -

Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom - 20 January 2009, Memset, the award-winning dedicated IT hosting provider is hoping to prove to businesses that at a time of major economic uncertainty, keeping Green IT on the sustainability agenda is crucial.

Amongst the majority of large UK businesses there is an acceptance that climate change is a reality and co-ordinated and targeted action needs to be taken to avert significant problems in the future. But as businesses continue to deal with gloomy economic conditions and falling consumer demand, there is a tendency to put investment, especially in Green technology, on the back burner. But businesses must realise that there is a direct relationship between reducing waste and increasing profit. At Memset we realised in 2006 that power would soon become a significant cost and a big issue for the industry against the background of increased awareness of the greenhouse effect.

Our Miniserver technology was already a significant energy-saving technology, as our virtual dedicated server systems were providing customers with truly dedicated resources (RAM, disk, CPU), which are not shared with other users of the same hosted hardware, so we started promoting it on that basis. Additionally, we put in place a policy of spending a little more on hardware in order to get improved energy efficiency (a policy which is paying huge dividends now!).

Our unavoidable electricity usage was then offset by sponsoring a methane capture project, making Memset the UK's first Carbon Neutral® hosting company in August 2006. Choosing a highly quantifiable offsetting project had additional benefits when some of our competitors came under fire for supporting dodgy forestry projects, and being a 'green host' has become an important selling point for us.

Memset's green initiatives and ongoing commitment to providing green hosting have been recognised by the British Computer Society and PC Pro. At the PC Pro Awards, Memset won the 'Environmental Innovator' category, fighting off tough competition from industry heavyweights such as BT Global Services, Dell and Google. The judges said: "Memset fits the bill perfectly. It embraced virtualisation long before it became a buzzword, and created commercial web-hosting packages that made environmental and fiscal sense".

At the British Computer Society Awards, Memset was recognised as a medalist for BP Environmental Project Award for its green flexible dedicated server hosting solutions for businesses.

Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset said: "We are delighted to be recognised for our efforts in reducing the impact IT has on the environment, but hope to encourage other businesses to do the same, as its our combined sustainability efforts that will result in not only businesses being more profitable but the environmental impact being reduced at the same time".

Posted January 2009 by Kate Craig-Wood