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Performance Patrol™ - Enterprise-quality load-balancing at a fraction of the cost

Memset, the award-winning dedicated web hosting company, has developed and launched Performance Patrol™, a sophisticated load-balancing solution, enabling clients to balance traffic across their server cluster with the use of multiple load-balancing servers.

Dual load balancers are typically only employed for large scale web applications and busy websites demanding millions of connections per hour. However, by using the latest open source technology in an innovative way, Memset have devised a system to allow all their clients to benefit from enterprise-quality load-balancing functionality at a fraction of the normal cost.

Performance Patrol™ enables the servers to handle higher work loads,
maximises availability and virtually eliminates single points of failure, which are present when a server cluster has a single hardware load balancer.

Since Performance Patrol™ is based upon open source technologies and standard server hardware, it is also far more cost-effective than traditional load balancing solutions.

The system actively monitors all servers in the cluster, ensuring they are up and responding to requests. If any of them "drop out" then the solution will immediately detect this and failover any requests to the other servers in the cluster.

"Performance Patrol™ enables Memset to offer a more reliable, more flexible and more cost effective solution than giving each customer their own single hardware load balancer.", commented Kate Craig-Wood, Managing Director of Memset. She continued, "By using twinned kit with no single point of failure, Memset can save time, money and worry with reduced downtime, complete scalability and minimal download delays.".

This solution can also scale and grow as requirements dictate and front end or database servers can be plugged into the cluster very easily.

As with all Memset hosting packages, clients have the choice whether they would like to manage Performance Patrol™ themselves or have Memset set it up to their requirements and manage it on their behalf.

Posted May 2007 by Kate Craig-Wood