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Memset turns to electric bikes to continue to drive down carbon emissions

Memset, the award-winning dedicated web hosting company, has purchased Urban Mover electric bikes for staff to travel to and from the company's offices in Guildford, Surrey.

The move to introduce electric bikes as the preferred mode of transportation for the company.s employees comes not long after Memset qualified as the UK's first Carbon Neutral® hosting company with the CarbonNeutral Company in September 2006. A government initiative enabling employers to offer their employees an electric bike to use for commuting to and from work, without VAT, income tax or NI payable on the bike, also prompted the decision. Memset are able to give their staff a benefit, similar to a company car, but without the salary-sacrifice.

With road transportation responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases, according to the Energy Saving Trust, and UK road traffic predicted to rocket by up to 160% over the next 20-30 years, Memset's use of electric bikes will significantly reduce petrol dependency, air pollution, and subsequent greenhouse effects.

The bikes, which are up to 99% less polluting than the cleanest fossil-fuel powered vehicles, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, offers a real alternative to the huge costs of driving.

Tom Edie, from Natural Discovery a leading supplier of electric bikes, commented; "The bikes are virtually maintenance-free as they have few moving parts and fuel costs are minimal. The electricity for charging is the only fuel required and costs about 6p per 20-30km. Switching to a zero-emission electric bike for short journeys will not only save you money but help to spare our increasingly fragile planet at the same time."

Electrically-assisted bicycles are road legal in the UK and require no MOT, no log book, no Tax disc, no congestion charges, no parking charges, no insurance and no rising carbon fuel costs.

Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset and who is currently using one of the bikes, commented; "With three out of every five car journeys being less than five miles, we knew we could reduce the dependency on our cars by using electric bikes for the daily commute to work."

She continued; "It's really just like riding a normal bike, except that the small motor on board helps when you peddle. It takes the sting out of a steep hill or a journey that's a bit too far, and keeps me fit as well. My commute to work is much more enjoyable, and I tend to get to work faster now I'm not stuck in the daily traffic jam."

Posted June 2007 by Kate Craig-Wood