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- New Shorter Service Combats SPAM & Offers Custom URLs For Free- With industry heavyweights stepping into the url shortening space last year; Google with, Facebook with many believed the future of independent services, like & were doomed. However, a year later, independent service backed by UK cloud provider, Memset proves that there is still plenty of scope to deliver feature-enriched services with the launch of

Just as you were thinking… what the world needs is another URL shortening service, Memset founder and backer of, Kate Craig-Wood comments; “We believe a service backed for perpetuity is what users need! Memset plans to maintain it as a non-advertising-supported, free Internet service indefinitely which is vital as there is concern that other URL shorteners will be monetised at some point.”

Craig-Wood also believes that a URL shortening service running in an ethical way will bring some much needed clarity and responsibility to the industry.  "Shortened links have come under fire for spreading malware and spam as users can't see the full URL before clicking on a link. With we are proactively working to prevent spam and misuse, and one new feature that has been introduced is a link preview page so that users can see where the link will take them before clicking," said Craig-Wood.

As well as combatting abuse, the service boasts a number of key features:

Custom URLs Users are now able to create custom URL links for free, for example; These are great for easily promoting your website or business to customers and prospects. A shorter URL that also includes your business name makes it easier for people to remember and adds further creditability to your links on Twitter or Facebook.

Drill Down For Stats Every time you send out a URL we track the links, analyse how they are spreading and give you access to this data for free and without registration.  So as well as getting a feel for how your links are spreading, you'll also be able to see: - how many clicks there have been on each individual day - what country visitors are from - what browsers they used - operating system they use - where people have been referred from

Richard West, Founder of commented: “We’re proud to be working with Memset on this project.  They have offered considerable support and advice, particularly on setting up the hardware side of the service. has a unique scalable infrastructure utilising both traditional dedicated hardware and Memset's Miniserver VM cloud, allowing us to expand easily as the service grows.”

West continued: "We are using a hybrid (relational and non-relational) database architecture that plays to the strengths or two different products. MySQL is used to provide a reliable and highly available core database and MongoDB to store statistics and provide caching, helping to increase performance and lower storage requirements. This has worked perfectly for us so far, being low maintenance but also capable of handling high volumes of data at very high rates." and its existing shortened URLs will continue to be available indefinitely, and will soon utilise's improved architecture to benefit from the same new features.

To try the service for free, please visit:

Posted December 2010 by Kate Craig-Wood