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Kate to 'jump Everest' to raise money for Computer Club for Girls

Guildford, Surrey - 20 August 2008, Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset, has today announced that she will be undertaking the world's first skydive over Mount Everest in October to raise money for Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G).

Kate will be joining an elite group of international skydivers who will make history this October when they perform a high altitude skydive alongside Mount Everest landing on the world's highest dropzone.

The group of 28 people from all walks of life, and from all over the world will jump from 29,500ft, slightly higher than the summit of Everest, and land at 12,350ft, the height many skydives actually start from. With parachutes three times the normal size, skydiving oxygen systems and purpose-made thermal jumpsuits and headgear, the skydivers will freefall in sub-zero temperatures at 140mph and at -40 degrees Celsius.

The jump has been precision scheduled to avoid the 200mph jet stream that roars across Everest's summit, which would otherwise make such an attempt impossible.

Kate Craig-Wood, one of the participants is using her involvement with this historic jump to not only raise the profile of women in IT but raise money for Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G) as well.

CC4G is an award-winning initiative run by e-skills UK supported by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), which aims to raise the standard of girls' technology skills while transforming their attitudes to careers in IT.

There are a number of issues facing women in IT; only 16% of tech workers are female, falling from a high of about 21% five years ago. On top of that, at 23% the gender pay gap in the IT sector is much worse the UK's 17% average.

CC4G targets girls because only a fifth of the current IT workforce is female. By getting them interested early, and educating them about the growing diversity of applications for technology, CC4G hopes to encourage more girls to consider careers in IT.

Kate commented; "I would like to hope that my involvement in this high profile activity will make more people aware of the issues facing women in IT. I'm committed to finding innovative ways of helping to attract girls into IT, and supporting CC4G is just one way we can help address the imbalance in the industry."

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Posted August 2008 by Kate Craig-Wood