Memset® Glossary: Virtual Cores

Miniserver VM® virtual servers have virtual CPU cores. The minimum CPU allocations are directly proportional to their RAM allocation. Their virtual cores are shares of the host server's X34/E5 series Xeon processors.

For example, the VM1000 (512MB RAM) has a guaranteed minimum of one 0.2GHz core and the VM4000 (2GB RAM) has a guaranteed minimum of two 0.4GHz cores.

We give higher-end Miniserver VM® servers multiple virtual cores so that they can run multi-threaded applications more effectively. All individual virtual cores can also burst to a maximum of at least a single 2.0GHz Xeon core.

Our host servers are generally not CPU-constrained so users can expect to be able to burst beyond their guaranteed minimum for brief periods, but the capability to burst beyond the specified guaranteed minimum may not be be available when you need it! If your demands are likely to fluctuate consider using our API to programmatically provision more VM instances in a cluster.

By way of comparison with another unit of compute resource, we believe one Amazon 'ECU' to roughly equivalent to a Miniserver VM with 2GB of RAM (VM4000) or about the same as 1.0 GHz of a X34/E5 series Xeon core.