Memset® Glossary: DRAC

The Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC) provides customers with keyboard, video and mouse access to their server that would otherwise be completely inaccessible by normal methods. This means that if the networking or operating system has failed the server will remain accessible to both diagnose and fix any issues and restart the server if necessary.

For example if a Windows Server has had a firewall installed incorrectly and become inaccessible then it can be accessed via the DRAC card and the firewall reconfigured or stopped without requiring physical access. This is possible because the DRAC card has it's own processor and RAM built in so no matter what state the server is in the user will always be able to access the operating system.

The DRAC card also has the capability to allow a CD in your desktop computer's cdrom drive to be used as if it were loaded into the server's cdrom drive, enabling software to be installed from CD or the OS repaired on boot up.

This product is most suitable for customers that have our "Self-Managed" Basic support level and who require out of band access to their server for troubleshooting or maintenance.