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The IT channel's top sibling duos

jun 18 2015

New NetApp CEO George Kurian and his brother Thomas, who was already product boss of Oracle, have just become the most powerful twin combo in the IT industry. Often though, siblings have chosen to work in partnership in their pursuit of IT industry glory, with the channel littered with examples of successful consanguineous pairings. And who better to lean on when it comes to matters of business than your own flesh and blood; someone who knows your virtues and peculiarities better than even you do? Here we take a look at some of the top kinsfolk combos proving that family loyalties often breed business success in the channel.

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IT suppliers call on new-look GDS for commitment to G-Cloud's future

may 15 2015

G-Cloud suppliers are urging the newly elected Conservative government not to make any sweeping changes to the framework, for fear it could put the public sector off procuring services through it. Having secured an overall majority in the 2015 general election, resulting in the dissolution of its coalition with the Liberal Democrats, suppliers hope the Conservative Party’s victory will mean it is business as usual as far as G-Cloud is concerned. This is despite the news that Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, the creator of the Government Digital Service, has left his post to become the minister of state for trade and industry.

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Weaker Q2 guidance knocks 13% off Rackspace shares

may 12 2015

Rackspace shares dropped 13% in afterhours trading following its Q1 results announcement. Revenue was up 16.6% over 2014 on a current currency basis with adjusted EBITDA margin at 33.6%. However, the company disappointed on Q2 guidance, which indicates a sequential quarterly growth rate of 1.5%-2.5% and an adjusted EBITDA margin of 32%-34%. Rackspace blames the longer implementation cycles associated with the increasing number of larger enterprise deals it’s signing. It also said it will be hit by the loss of one of its largest UK customers, which is moving out of Rackspace's UK data centre for data sovereignty reasons. The media and bloggers always tend to compare Rackspace with the cloud pure-plays - notably AWS. However, the company faces a whole raft of IT services competition, from small hosting firms such as Memset (see SME Snapshot: Memset), to resellers (see Cloud: Opportunities and challenges for resellers), and of course the large ITS companies.

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Memset’s PSN-Protected data centre goes live

may 11 2015

Memset, British SME supplier of cloud hosting services to the UK public sector, has announced that its government accredited data centre facility is now fully live with its connection to PSN-Protected, the highest level of PSN security. Driven by a desire to bring the best of commodity public cloud prices to higher government security tiers, Memset invested £1.8m constructing a highly efficient, highly scalable IL4-capable data centre in Dunsfold Park, Surrey which was completed in July 2014.

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VARs braced for election-fuelled turbulence

may 07 2015

The imminent change in government means public sector IT projects could be stalled or obstructed, according to some in the channel, who fear "welcome developments" brought in by the coalition are at risk. People across the UK have begun voting in the general election this morning. The coalition government was dissolved on 30 March and the new parliament will meet officially for the first time on 18 May. Public sector IT supplier Memset said it is expecting some turbulence in government technology regardless of the outcome of today's vote.

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Should we trust the cloud?

may 07 2015

When it comes to security, there is a cloud of mistrust hanging over the boardroom. Survey after survey reveals that security, or rather the perceived lack of it, is the single biggest factor preventing business from migrating to the cloud. But how accurate is this perception? Jamal Elmellas, technical director at secure cloud provider tolomy, points to recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) which highlights the discrepancy between perceived threat and actual risk.

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Cloud Of Mistrust In The Air

may 03 2015

Storing data in the cloud could unlock potential for many businesses, but some remain sceptical about security, as Davey Winder discovers

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Memset blasts BT over PSN Protected deployment delays at Surrey datacentre

may 01 2015

Memset has blamed BT for holding up the “go live” date of its IL4-capable datacentre, following numerous delays during the deployment of a secure Public Services Network (PSN) Protected connection to the site. The public-sector focused hosting provider completed work on the £1.8m facility in Cranleigh, Surrey, in July 2014. It was designed to deliver public cloud services to government organisations dealing with highly sensitive data.

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Memset data centre goes live

may 01 2015

Cloud hosting provider Memset has announced that its new data centre in Dunsfold Park, Surrey, has is now fully live with a connection to the PSN-Protected network. This makes it suitable for high security government data, up to Impact Level 4, on the Public Services Network. The company is planning a second PSN-connected facility with the related security arrangements, and is currently working with customers using multiple suppliers and using the PSN as the interlink. Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset, said: "Trying to secure a PSN connection was a surprisingly long process for us and very resource intensive for an organisation of our size. However, we now have a live connection which is an additional USP for an SME like Memset supplying Lot 2 hosting services to the public sector via G-Cloud."

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Memset’s PSN-protected, IL3 data centre goes live

apr 30 2015

Driven by a desire to bring the best of commodity public cloud prices to higher government security tiers, Memset invested £1.8m constructing a highly efficient, highly scalable IL4-capable data centre in Dunsfold Park, Surrey which was completed in July 2014. Supporting the government’s vision for having one network for all UK public sector organisations, Memset went in pursuit of a Public Services Network (PSN) connection in November 2012. Memset are delighted to now be connected to the PSN-Protected network enabling them to make full use of their facility, intended for high security government data – which they have been largely reserving for that purpose until now.

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