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Clash of the public cloud Titans: AWS vs Microsoft vs Google vs IBM

nov 25 2015

Unlimited storage and computing power. On tap. What's not to like? Hyperbole is hard to avoid, but it's no exaggeration to say that public cloud services may be the biggest transformative technology of our time. So much so that finding a fast-growing company – tech or otherwise – that doesn't use the public cloud is becoming difficult. But who is providing it? As it becomes more of a commodity – and the market grows exponentially each year – some of tech's biggest players are attempting to cash-in on the cloud as companies try to hyper-scale their apps and services. The public cloud is big, and growing: IDC predicts that by 2020, spending on cloud services and related hardware and software will be more than $500 billion (around £330 billion, AU$690 billion), three times the current level. There are hundreds of providers, with some big names among them vying for top spot in this lucrative market.

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Cloud computing – the legal considerations

nov 24 2015

Hosting, processing and storing data remotely raises some specific legal issues for UK business. We explore just what you need to know to stay safe in the cloud. Free from the shackles of fixed data storage, the cloud is powering an IT revolution across the world. But, in the post-Snowden world, staying on top of security is more important than ever. It comes as no surprise that leading technology research firm Gartner has been forecasting that worldwide security spending is set to grow, with “roughly 10% of overall IT security enterprise product capabilities” being delivered in the cloud in 2015. But is it enough? UK-based businesses are facing an increasing array of national and international legislation they need to abide by. We look at what UK businesses need to know to stay protected.

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Tokenisation, a silver bullet for security?

nov 17 2015

As Christmas approaches the threat of payment fraud and financial loss grows larger, but the success of commerce around the festive period creates new opportunities for cybercriminals. Some suggest tokenisation could be the panacea for the increasingly public threat of large scale customer data breaches. This means the replacement of sensitive data (payment card details, sensitive personal information fields, bank account numbers,) with non-sensitive data (the tokens).

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Ban, regulate or advocate? 5 experts decrypt GCHQ's encryption stance

nov 10 2015

List: Today's speech by GCHQ director Robert Hannigan failed to set straight the series of confusing contradictions regarding encryption. At today's Information Assurance conference, GCHQ director Robert Hannigan addressed the 'patchy' cyber security industry, called for the government and industry to work together and debunked three myths commonly associated with GCHQ's snooping practices and the newly introduced Investigatory Powers Bill. It is the latter which has fuelled industry discussion, particularly around encryption. Claiming first to advocate encryption, Hannigan then went on to say that information relating to national security should not be beyond the reach of the government. Did Hannigan genuinely advocate encryption, or did his myth debunking actually only serve to confirm that the government wants penetrable encryption? Looking at the issues raised in Hannigan's speech, 5 security experts look to decode the true intentions from today's speech.

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Memset opens datacentre in Everest Reading facility

oct 21 2015

Memset, a British SME supplier of cloud hosting services to the UK public sector has announced they have opened a second UK high-security facility to address the high demand in government IaaS hosting requirements. The 2nd site based in Reading - owned and operated by Everest Data Centres - has provided an additional 60,000 sq ft of inventory, located in the heart of the Thames Valley, to support Memset’s provision of cloud services to the UK government, including services procured via the Digital Marketplace, to which Memset is an approved SME supplier.

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Did Memset open a 2nd OFFICIAL DC?

oct 21 2015

In a brief press release Memset announced that they had opened their 2nd Official accredited data centre in Reading. We spoke to Nathan Johnston, Sales Manager at Memset to get the real story behind the announcement. According to Johnston Memset has been working with Everest for the last year to complete the accreditation of the Everest data centre in Reading to Official status. For those unfamiliar with the classification, this blog post by Kevin Richards, Head of Security and Accreditation for G-Cloud explains it.

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Memset opens new high security data centre

oct 20 2015

Cloud hosting services provider, Memset, has opened its 2nd OFFICIAL accredited data centre. The company states that opening the facility in Reading is aimed at addressing “the high demand in government IaaS hosting requirements”. Combined with its Dunsfold data centre, Memset can now offer dual-site capabilities along with increased resilience, disaster recovery and performance.

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UK-based Memset opens second government cloud data

oct 19 2015

Memset, supplier of cloud hosting services to UK SMEs and the public sector, has opened a second data center for government IaaS services. The site, in Reading, provides an additional 60,000 sqare feet of inventory space for services including the government’s Digital Marketplace, to which Memset is an approved SME. Phase 1 of the build-out has been finished, with 750 cabinets supported by N+1 cooling, redundant UPS systems and N+1 generators.

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emset brings OpenStack to UK government

sep 28 2015

News: Company aims to take advantage of growing desire for open standards hosting. Memset is developing an OpenStack for Government hosting that will be available through G-Cloud 7. The company has developed this in order to comply with the government's open standards policy, and to appeal to an expected surge in demand for open source hosting. The government specifies that open standards must be considered when specifying technology requirements. The development from Memset is currently being tested for deployment with some central government departments, and will be available via both Internet and PSN.

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Memset to offer OpenStack for UK government cloud

sep 28 2015

Expects floodgates of demand to open for Open Source UK cloud hosting provider Memset will make a public sector version of the OpenStack open source cloud stack available on the British government platform G-Cloud 7. The UK government has an official policy of supporting open standards and open source, Memset hopes for high demand from government customers and partners looking for open source hosting for their applications and data. The Memset offering will be available both via Internet and the Public Sector Network (PSN), making Memset one of the first IaaS providers with both accredited versions of its OpenStack for Government solution. Agile development Memset’s OpenStack for Government services will be located on a set of physical and virtual networking and host resources dedicated to government customers - essentially a Government Community Cloud model.

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