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GDS to publish PSN performance data

may 29 2016

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has started to publish performance data obtained from the Public Services Network (PSN). GDS says the data is to be made public in an attempt to make things “simpler and clearer” for public sector PSN customers around the UK.

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Brexit: Should the UK IT industry stay or leave?

may 27 2016

With less than a month to go until the all-important Brexit vote, politicians and the mass media have largely succeeded in turning the entire matter into an overblown, over-dramatic and self-indulgent soap opera. It's now reaching the point where many people are just utterly confused as to what choosing ‘In' or ‘Out' would fix or damage - a giant Ker-Plunk tower of promises, threats, myths and spin. To try to gain some clarity Computing asked a number of IT industry leaders: Is it best for the IT industry if we stay or go? Kate Craig-Wood is founder and MD of cloud hosting firm Memset, and offered a number of reasons for staying in the EU.

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G-Cloud scope being 'tightened up' for next iteration

may 17 2016

The next iteration of G-Cloud will see its biggest Lot "tightened up" to reduce any crossover with the new Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework. G-Cloud 8 is due to open for applications today ahead of a scheduled go-live date of 1 August and it will be the first iteration of the framework to launch since the DOS framework started. The Digital Marketplace – the umbrella organisation for both – said that with that in mind, the scope for G-Cloud will be tightened up to give it even more focus on cloud.

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What is behind the slowdown in public-sector sales of ‘true cloud’ services via G-Cloud?

mar 30 2016

A recent slowdown in sales of software, infrastructure and platform services through the G-Cloud procurement framework suggests public-sector cloud adoption could be entering a new phase. Speaking at the recent Think Cloud for Digital Government event in central London, Jessica Figueras, chief analyst at public-sector IT watcher Kable, revealed details of an analysis she had carried out on the last few months of G-Cloud sales data.

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AWS and Microsoft UK datacentre plans could upset SME-rich Digital Marketplace, Kable warns

mar 22 2016

SME G-Cloud providers told to brace themselves for increasing competitive threats from AWS, Microsoft and Oracle once their UK datacentres open

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Will the Investigatory Powers Bill enable hackers to access backdoors?

mar 16 2016

As the Investigatory Powers Bill wends its way through parliament, questions have been asked not just about the loss of privacy it will mean to anyone connecting to the internet in the UK, there are fears that calls by the government for backdoors in encryption could be counterproductive. While it stops short of banning end-to-end encryption, it will require tech firms to allow backdoor access to police and security services. There are fears that this could make such activities as online banking hard, if not impossible, to do safely. The trouble with having a backdoor such as this is that if the security services can decrypt secure communication, so can others, and most likely that means hackers and other criminals.

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Can legislation ever protect our data?

mar 16 2016

The recent agreement of the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement has prompted robust debate among the European security channel's leading figures as to whether legislation can ever play a role in making our data more secure. During a roundtable discussion for tomorrow's European Security Summit - a day of specially curated content brought to you by Channelnomics Europe and CRN UK - a panel of industry experts and channel leaders debated the merits of the recently announced EU-US Privacy Shield. The conversation burst into life with a lively - albeit good-natured - debate about the extent to which legislature can ever play a meaningful role in data protection and privacy.

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After safe harbour: Navigating data sovereignty

dec 18 2015

Max Schrems has a lot to answer for. The Austrian is single-handedly responsible for bringing down a key transnational data agreement that has left cloud service providers scrabbling for legal counsel. This is either a good thing, if you’re a privacy activist concerned about intrusive US surveillance policies, or a confusing and worrying one, if you’re a provider or customer of cloud services. Worried by the Edward Snowden revelations, Schrems questioned the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, on the basis that Facebook was collecting his data in Ireland and then moving it to the US for processing. The Irish DPC simply pointed to the Safe Harbour agreement and said that its hands were tied. The case was bumped up to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which on October 16 ruled that Safe Harbour was illegal. Its rationale was that it enabled companies to share data for national security purposes but didn’t address whether the protections were strong enough.

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Suppliers supporting G-Cloud 7

nov 27 2015

The number of suppliers using the G-Cloud 7 has jumped 11 percent even though some are concerned that it will help them win business. G-Cloud 7 went live this week, and according to the award notice, the number of suppliers on the scheme reached 1,615, up 11 per cent on the 1,453 which were accredited on G-Cloud 6. For those who came in late, the UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative targeted at easing procurement by government departments for cloud systems. The G-Cloud consists of is a series of framework agreements with suppliers, from which public sector organisations can buy services without needing to run a full tender or competition. It started in 2012 and by May 2013 there were over 700 suppliers—over 80% of which were small and medium enterprises. As you would expect, G-Cloud 7 has the usual suspects such as SCC, Computacenter, Kelway, Memset, Agilisys, Skyscape and Liberata.

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Suppliers flock to G-Cloud 7

nov 26 2015

The number of suppliers on G-Cloud 7 has jumped 11 per cent on the last iteration, but some have warned that getting on the framework does not guarantee they will win business. G-Cloud 7 went live this week, and according to the award notice, the number of suppliers on the scheme reached 1,615, up 11 per cent on the 1,453 which were accredited on G-Cloud 6. Familiar faces such as SCC, Computacenter, Kelway, Memset, Agilisys, Skyscape and Liberata were among the hundreds to make the cut.

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