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Digital Services

Delivering simple and efficient 24/7 online services for all users

Pushing public services online can save money and increase their flexibility and availability.  To deliver these benefits involves gaining a deeper understanding of disruptive and traditional technology platforms, which can be achieved by working with approved SMEs through the G-Cloud who have the technical capabilities to design innovative solutions and integrate separate cloud services to drive forward a more rapid transition to digital online public services. 

Memset is at the forefront of this move to Digital Services. Via the CloudStore local authorities, central government departments and agencies have access to a full range of Infrastructure-As-A-Service for hosting government websites and e-services.

We have developed a unique understanding as we’ve helped our clients leverage internet-enabled solutions that facilitate communication between citizens and public sector service providers.

Gaining cross-government CESG accreditation, Memset have been able to cater for Digital Service requirements using our existing facilities and systems, provided at the same market-leading, transparent pricing available to private sector clients.

Real-Time Communication With Residents

In June 2013, Hounslow became the first council in the UK to go enterprise-wide on a cloud-based platform. By using techniques like lean systems thinking and agile project delivery they have been improving their services for residents and connecting with them anywhere, anytime and developing their services around them. A CRM pilot app is being tested with residents allowing them to report issues like graffiti, fly tipping and more.

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